I gots some tummy rubs too!

Yeah well I got my tummy rubs on the humans bed!

A little higher. To the left. No back down a little. Yessss right thurrr


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I got 17 tummy rubs. You?

How many tummy rubs you got? My tuffs are softer than hers, rubs mine.

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Goodmorning human

Good morning human. Death awakes you. Rawr.

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Lunie gets blue highlights

I am a bit of mischieveous and extremely curious kitty, and recently my humans decided to buy some dodgey toilet cleaner – the ones that you hang on the edge of the toilet. This one was all blue and the more you flush, the more bits of toilet cleaner comes out and starts pouring out of the container. I enjoy playing in the toilet (yes in) especially when my humans flush the toilet, so the other day, I touched my head on the cleaner and kind of got some blue high lights in my hair now. I like them, what about you?

– Lunie

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Litter Kwitter toilet training update

For all those wondering why there has been no update about my toilet training progress with the Litter Kwitter system, it is probably because I’m stuck at the moment. How so? I am currently already on the green ring, but am refusing to poo in the toilet but rather, next to it. I am having no problems peeing into the toilet, but unless my human forces me to poo on the toilet, I prefer the corner behind the toilet, or else the shower.

Hopefully I will get over this with some help from my humans and move on to doing ALL my business in the toilet and eventually pass the LK training. Wish me luck!

– Lunie

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Vester’s new house

So a few weeks ago, my human decided to buy something they call a “pet cage” (huh?). It is actually my new house! It is nice and big and has a lot of room for me to even stand up in if I wanted to. There are some vents along the top, but my humans covered those up with some newspaper so that I won’t get cold during the cold winter that is going on right now. They have put my favourite cushion in it and now I am enjoying naps all the time inside my awesome new home. Check it out!

Vester inside his new house

Vester inside his new house

– Vester

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Vester caught a bird – again

I caught a birdie today, a pigeon from the front yard as usual – not my first time, in fact one of many, but this time it was a little different. I managed to bring the birdie I caught into the back yard and into the pool area inside, but somehow the birdie managed to get away from me and jumped into the pool! Damn birdie escaped me… so when my humans came back, I couldn’t wait till they fished it out of the pool and gave it to me.

My humans picked it out of the pool when they got home and I got really excited as they brought it over to me, but then they took it away from me and put it into a box that I couldn’t reach. Now they have kept the birdie inside and I’m locked outside :(

– Vester

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