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I got 17 tummy rubs. You?

How many tummy rubs you got? My tuffs are softer than hers, rubs mine.


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Vester’s new house

So a few weeks ago, my human decided to buy something they call a “pet cage” (huh?). It is actually my new house! It is nice and big and has a lot of room for me to even stand up in if I wanted to. There are some vents along the top, but my humans covered those up with some newspaper so that I won’t get cold during the cold winter that is going on right now. They have put my favourite cushion in it and now I am enjoying naps all the time inside my awesome new home. Check it out!

Vester inside his new house

Vester inside his new house

– Vester

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Vester caught a bird – again

I caught a birdie today, a pigeon from the front yard as usual – not my first time, in fact one of many, but this time it was a little different. I managed to bring the birdie I caught into the back yard and into the pool area inside, but somehow the birdie managed to get away from me and jumped into the pool! Damn birdie escaped me… so when my humans came back, I couldn’t wait till they fished it out of the pool and gave it to me.

My humans picked it out of the pool when they got home and I got really excited as they brought it over to me, but then they took it away from me and put it into a box that I couldn’t reach. Now they have kept the birdie inside and I’m locked outside :(

– Vester

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Lunie’s first vet visit – desexing

On Sunday, my human took Lunie and I to the vet. Somewhere I have been before, but it would be Lunie’s first time. Our human lured us with yummy milky treats then put us in tiny boxes and put us in the car. Lunie was in her box the entire trip there, but I was let out of my box (cause I’m a 5kg cat with lots of muscle!!! … and cause my box had no secured lid) so I sat at the foot of my human’s foot in the back seat.

I was there to get checked up and vaccinated and was allowed to go home immediately, but Lunie had to stay there over night as she was in for desexing the next day. She’s home today, but I must say, she looks incredibly funny!!!

Lunie's bald spot

Lunie's bald spot

Having the operation on the side is beneficial in the sense that the stitches are self dissolving and will not need to be removed 10 days later (which involves another trip to the vet), but I think our human should’ve done it on her belly – worth the extra visit since poor Lunie will probably now have a funny/bald spot for a few months!

– Vester

Lunie and Vester visited the Croydon Park Veterinary
Call the Cat protection society today to find the cheapest vet for desexing in your area.

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