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Lunie‚Äôs toilet training – LitterKwitter Amber

So the next step from the Red stage of the LitterKwitter toilet training system, is the amber stage. This is where the bowl starts to have a small hole in it where -essentially- the kitty business should be going into. Of course aim is always a problem in this case…

Photos to be uploaded soon…

Video – Amber stage (doing #1)

Supposed to get me used to having a hole in my toilet tray and make me go potty in there.. but I much prefer putting my head through it…

The downside of the Amber stage? If I miss the hole and pee in the tray instead, the less amount of crystals means the tray smells really bad and I refuse to go toilet again until it gets cleaned …. what does that mean? It means I go pee/poopie in the shower instead :D

– Lunie


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Lunie’s toilet training – LitterKwitter Red

So my human thought that I was making a big mess doing my business in my litter box. Ok, I admit, I like to kick and scratch half the contents of my litter box out, but it’s instinct!

So they decided to buy something called a LitterKwitter training system in attempt to train me to use the human toilet. The box comes with a ring to go on top of the toilet bowl, and then 3 different pieces to put inside the ring. I am currently up to the “amber” stage, but let’s start with “red”.

The first stage – Red:

LitterKwitter Red stage

LitterKwitter Red stage

Me standing next to toilet

Me standing next to toilet

Checking out my new toilet

Checking out my new toilet

This stage is meant to get me used to jumping up onto the toilet to use the toilet. It has a full bowl of litter crystals with no hole yet.

Video warning: I’m doing a #2 :D

– Lunie

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