Hello! My name is Lunie. I am a white kitty with some black markings on my head.

My human found me and brought me to my new home in March 2008. I was lost and scared when my human walked past me. I meowed at her and she stopped to look at me. After a few more meows at her, she bent over to pat me and pick me up. She carried me to my new home after checking that I am a lost kitty, and I have been happy ever since. I was flea ridden and a brown dirty kitty when my human found me. But two baths later and some flea killer, I turned out to be a cute white cuddly kitty.

I am a white kitty and very tiny so I am not allowed outside unsupervised as I can easily get sun burnt or even worse, skin cancer from my pink ears and nose. Unfortunately this means I am not allowed to play with Vester all the time as Vester likes to stay outdoors, but fortunately my human lets Vester inside the house to play with me every day.

Things I like:

I am an extremely playful kitten and I love running around like crazy (hence my name), if you manage to catch me without tricking me with food or toys, then good on you – an almost impossible feat! However, when I am tired, I love sleeping in my human’s lap and with some nice massages, I can fall asleep in your hands even if one minute ago I was running around like crazy.

Things I dislike:

I don’t like sucking up (unless I want to sit on your lap and sleep), so you won’t see me following you around willingly (unless you’re holding my favourite treat).


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