Hello! My name is Vester, short for Sylvester. I am a black and white (tuxedo) medium haired cat.

I was about 5-7 months old when my first owners took me to the cat protection society as they were unable to financially support for me. I was then adopted by my human at the cat protection society around October 2007. I have been living happily in my new home ever since.

Lunie was introduced to me recently this year (2008 ) around March when my human brought her home after finding her off the streets. She is quite the active little thing, but we have formed a good friendship over the months. I enjoy playing tackle with her whenever my human lets me inside the house.

Things I like:

When I am indoors, I enjoy playing tackle with Lunie, sleeping on the kitchen chair, stealing Lunie’s food and water, and stealing my human’s food (though this results in my human getting very angry and chasing me off the kitchen bench top, or getting kicked out of the house).

When I am outdoors, I love sleeping in the sun, catching rodents (this makes my human extremely happy), lizards and the occassional peguin (my humans are usually not too happy about the mess I leave behind).

I am a quiet friendly, cuddly giant bear and I love scratches under my chin and around my head.

Things I dislike:

I am a big bundle of fur and quite a fatty, so I don’t like being held and I don’t quite fit on my human’s lap so I prefer to stand while you scratch me. I don’t mind a short cuddle here and there, as long as it involves lots of tummy rubs and chin scratches!


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